Mobile phone topups are now available within Pakcoin E-Wallet at

Now users can enjoy 6% - 15% discounts on topups from within Pakcoin E-Wallet in just one click. There is no need to send pakcoins to any other wallet, the pakcoin amount is automatically deducted from user’s account.

Pakcoin mobile topup discounts are unique in Pakistan as there isn’t any other service offering such discounts. Normal and retail users can equally benefit from this feature.

How to get Easyload with Pakcoin?

  1. Deposit your pakcoins to
  2. Click on PakLoads option
  3. Fill in your mobile number, type of easyload (pre-paid, postpaid etc) and network you are using.
  4. Click Send, and you will get easyload in just one minute.